The Project

My Name Is Ellery Kuntz and I am a 2017 El Molino High School graduate with a life long passion for skateboarding. Over four years ago, I approached a non profit organization, the Forestville Youth Park, on behalf of my dream -building a community skatespot. Forestville has been my hometown my entire life and I have participated in activities it offers, such as Little League baseball, and other sports through El Molino High School. As I got older, I began focusing on self competitive activities rather than organized sports. As a passionate skateboarder, I knew Forestville would greatly benefit from a skatepark,

 by generating community involvement from

 those who normally may not take an interest,

and by bringing in families that are both local or from other areas to enjoy skating. This project not only will benefit Sonoma's West County Communities, but all skateboarders, kids who need a welcoming hangout spot, and those who

have not yet found their passion.