Forestville Skatespot

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Call: (707)887-8260

Only smiles at bingo

The runners really enjoyed Timothy's song selection and DJ skills! Come by this year and appreciate it for yourself!

The Skatepark Committee also volunteers at the Youth Park BBQ hosting the bingo booth. All players had a great time!

It really is a FUN run!

The second annual 2018 Fun Run was a success! A major thank you to everyone who attended.


Giana wins! Congrats to all of our Third Annual Fun Run participants!


Only smiles at bingo

And they're off, for the third annual skatespot fun run.


Ellery gives a presentation to the Forestville Elementary school explaining how they can participate in our journey toward a skatepark.

Recognize these cans? They are located in many local Forestville businesses! Come visit your downtown vendors and drop any spare change in these cans (sponsored by Taylor Maid Farms)

The youth are engaged in the community more than you think!